Compact Fans / Frame Fans: cooling solution for electronic application

Compact Fans are quiet and highly efficient. They are unbeatable high-airflow (axial fans) and high-pressure (centrifugal fans) specialists. Thanks to the energy-saving function, some Frame Fans can adapt to specific cooling situation of electrical panels and cabinets.

Axial and centrifugal compact fans provide a cooling solution for electronic applications, particularly with devices and components sensitive to temperature variations, even when combined with hygrostat or thermostat. Due to their dimensions, frame fans are ideal in confined spaces.

Compact axial fans

Compact Axial Fans: heat dissipation and forced ventilation

Compact axial fans are characterized by high air flow rates and low noise levels. They are usually used for forced ventilation and internal heat dissipation in enclosures, electrical panels, switchboard, etc.

Centrifugal fans

Centrifugal Fans: concentrated air flow for enclosures

Centrifugal compact fans can produce a concentrated air flow. Therefore, they are perfect in electrical panels, enclosures and other applications requiring focused cooling at a specific point.

Hostile environments are our environment.

Special compact fans

Our company also provide a complete line of AC / DC fans capable of operating in hostile environments. Our brand produce and deliver fans protected by very fine dusts or water splashes (IP55) or capable of tolerating high temperatures up to 194°F / 90°C, thanks to their special metal structure. So we can guarantee safety and reliability of any compact fan in our catalogue.

Where are Frame Fans installed?

Compact fans are typically installed at the bottom of the enclosure (or electrical panel) if they are integrated with the fan filter (standard airflow version: from outside to the inside).

Adjustable fan positioning varies depending on the application: if adjustable fans are used to dissipate heat they are installed in the center of the electrical panel. If used to lower the temperature or cool localized hot spots, they are obviously located where they are needed.

Compact Fans for any kind of business!

Installed in many different devices, compact fans and frame fans are used for cooling electronics and enclosures in control panels for cranes, hoists, machine tools, steel mills.

They are also present in distribution panels, electronic equipment (UPS / inverters, welders, packaging machines), refrigerated counters and refrigerated showcases, measuring and electromedical equipment, battery charger. For any advice, please contact our experts.

Special low profile for all compact fans

High quality.
Low profile.

Our compact fans have all a special low profile, thanks to the integrated engine system. So you can install them everywhere in electrical enclosure, easily, saving a lot of space.

Long life battery

but reliable.

We offer a wide line of axial fans and blowers that rely on long life ball bearing function for premium operation and quality sleeve bearing for smooth motion.

High quality compact fans

Although quiet.

Our compact fans are projected to work all day and night, constantly and quietly. To ensure results, without clamor.

A rich variety of fans

Wide range.
Wilde power.

We provide a rich variety of AC, DC and energy efficiency EC fans in different sizes, air volumes and pressures to satisfy each industrial requirement.

Small consumption for our compact fans

Small consumption.
Big return.

Thanks to our Compact Fan “EC Version” we can provide fans with high performances and efficiency with very low power need.

Compact fans for indoor / outdoor application

Even in
special version…

Special versions are available, for indoor / outdoor application, also in hostile environments, with extreme weather conditions.

Often used with…

Compact fans are often paired with a filter (channelling fresh filtered ambient air from outside the electrical panel, or expelling warm air from the electrical enclosure). Frame fans are also used, in panels and enclosures, with thermostats.

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